Friday, February 9, 2007

J. R. Evans update?

Has anyone purchased a custom shirt from J. R. Evans of late? They showed such promised when I was in seminary--lots of fabrics, seemed open to creative ideas, but at that time they were switching factories, so actually ordering from them was a disaster.

It went something like this:

Me: Get measured, choose fabric, wait with great anticipation for a tan shirt.

J.R. Evans: Send a tan shirt that literally goes to my knees.

Me: Puzzled. Send the shirt back with an explanation.

J. R. Evans: Months later, sends a pink shirt that fits great.

Me: Puzzled, thanks them for the pink shirt, but explains she ordered a tan shirt.

J.R. Evans: Offers to replace it.

Me: Suggests I just keep the pink shirt and they cut me a deal.

J.R. Evans: They do.

I have been hesitant to order from them since this, but I know many, many women love their shirts. I'd love to hear from those who have had good experiences, particularly if you are small chested. For some reason all the women I know who like them have ample bosoms.


Kedron said...

Blahhhh on JR Evans. Don't waist the money. They completely ruined my order from seminary-- WAY too big, I returned them, then they came back barely covering my middle. They refused to refund $$$ so I have 2 very expensive shirts that I have to wear something over if I want to use them! NOT worth the effort...adapt a Brooks Brothers one instead.

Pearlie said...

Well written article.