Monday, August 27, 2007

called out.

Helen at Episcopal Cafe has recently called us out. And reasonably so; it has been several months since our last post.

Forgive us for being somewhat overworked, on vacation, or generally out to lunch!
And do check out her article, which centers around the issue of what that nice little plastic collar might represent to one's significant other:

"When I was toying with formal discernment, he got very excited that I might become a priest for reasons that weren't exactly the sort of thing I should be sharing with you, gentle readers, but imagine my horror when I found that he had posted exactly that to HIS blog. In the vernacular of the netspeak generation, Oh noes! zomg! Do. Not. Want!"

Here at CollarThis! we have tended to focus on the awkward intersections of clergy fashion and young women's lives. Kudos to Helen for coming up with another (and slightly more daring) spin on that issue.

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