Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tailor girl

Thus far I have remained in the getting-shirts-made camp, mostly because the non placket covered buttons paired with a collar drive me crazy visually. Unfortunately, our tailor is not a young man (Who knows how long he'll remain with us??? Panic!) and the shirts run about $120-$130.

MFD introduced us to the world of tailoring and it worked something like this:

  1. Find a tailor or shirtmaker in your area (MFD already had a connection, fortunately.)
  2. Convince said tailor there is a market for making women's clergy shirts that look like a woman's shirt.
  3. Bring in your favorite non-clergy shirt. (In this case it was a Banana Republic blouse, I think.)
  4. The tailor will make a pattern based on this shirt. After you work out the kinks (My first was a bit short. . .no need for the parish to see my belly every time I raise my hands), you can call the tailor and have him make a particular color from afar. (Important in our case, since our fabulous tailor is the chattiest man alive.)
  5. After you receive your fabulous shirts, show them to all your clergy girlfriends so they can storm down the tailor's door.

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