Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maria Sjöden Update

Okay, I've emailed with her and this is the shirt that is available now:

This shirt will be available in about two months:

She has adapted the priesty part of her webpage to be in English, which is helpful. The contact page is here.


hyggelig_oh_gigglee said...

I'm currently doing my seminary internship in Norway, so I was able to have Maria Sjoden send me a catalog of all her clerical shirts. Her line includes tunics and more interesting styles than just the button down shirt. Quite fabulous! Where are these interesting designers in the States?

Maria said...

Swedish names are difficult, I know, bot she's called Maria Sjödin (or Sjodin), with an i at the end.

Otherwise, I can only recommend her stuff, the quality is lovely, and the fit great!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank the Lord I found you! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a decent, stylish, yet modest size four?!?! Oh wait, you probably do!

THANK you and many blessings!