Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Bite of the Benefit of the Doubt

Summer is coming and most of my three-year-old clergy shirts are starting to show their wear and tear, particularly in the. . .ahem. . .underarm area. They've worked fine all winter, layered under sweaters and jackets, but I can't bear to expose them to summer's light.

So, I went on a mission. I bought two, very inexpensive, short sleeve jackets at Target and Kohls. I thought I could pair them with an Almy sleeveless shell.

Why do I keep going to the same well over and over again, even though there is clearly no water there?

The shell came today and this is how it fits:

The shoulders fit great, but the rest of it is literally two rectangles sewn together--completely shapeless.  When I put the jackets on, there is eight inches of material beneath them.  Keep in mind, this is the smallest shell they sell, and I am 5"4' and 120 lbs.  I'm on the small side, but not extremely so.

I thought briefly about having it altered, but then decided for the $36 I spent on it, and the minimum of $20 it would cost to get it altered, I could buy nearly four short sleeve shirts at Target and just adapt them, so the shell is going back in the mail tomorrow.


Kimberly said...

Oh that's familiar. I have a whole set of photos of myself in a tent-like creation that was supposedly custom made. It managed to simultaneously swamp me in material and rise in a peak away from my back so that skin showed.

Thanks for sharing your attempts to find suitable clothing...

The Vagabond Priest said...

That is just ridiculous! (But funny). Of course, I'm sitting here in an allegedly 'custom made' shirt which has two extra seams sewn into the back to take in the extra four inches of fabric the shirt maker included... off his man-pattern.
I am also noticing wear and tear on my "clergy shirts" and I have not replaced any. I have taught a few pre-ordinands how to make button holes and how to alter ready made shirts, as well as sending them to the Blogs.

apbs said...

the only thing about the target shirts (from someone who has been wearing them about two years now and doesn't have a better alternative) is that they gray out pretty quickly.

that pink clergy shirt you have... does that one fit?

Sarah K. said...

Yes, I have a well fitting pink clergy shirt, but that's because it was custom made by the recently deceased Pearly Gates (that's really his name!) in Richmond. He was a shirt maker who was asked to make clergy shirts for women by a friend of mine who used him to make her equestrian gear. Unfortunately, now that he is no longer with us, that option is also no longer available.